I questioned myself whether I really wanted to be a journalist.
I have gone to a few events. Got to interview some people. Have my writings published in mass media.
Then what?
What do I seek from being a journalist?
I always liked writing since I was really young. However, I don’t really enjoy meeting new people. Pretending to be nice in front of them. Putting a mask to conceal your true self. Or in other words, being fake?
I also dislike the so-called “competition” among mass media. It’s a public secret, you know, to compete with other journalists in order to brighten the name of the media you work in.
So, what do I really want to be?
I don’t really know, though.
In my 20 years of human age, I believe I have done very little effort compared to other people my age.
I feel like an useless plastic bag sometimes.
I want to discover my true self, what I really want to do, what I really want to give to the society while I’m still breathing.
I suddenly remembered Hiramaru Kazuya from Bakuman once wished that he should have been born as a panda in the zoo, where he could eat when he wanted to and sleep when he needed to. Haha.

Dear Lord, should I change the direction or keep walking on this path?
My weak soul needs your guidance….

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Top 5 Characters from Lord of the Rings


I’m going by the movies, since it has been a long, long time since I read the books, but I’m pretty sure they’d stay the same.

5. Faramir
I can’t explain this. I just always really liked him. Plus, he got Eowyn. That counts for something.

4. Sam
Loyal to the end. He’s really the true hero of…


Lots of people wanted to see Eowyn! Of course the Rohirrim are a biker gang.


Lots of people wanted to see Eowyn! Of course the Rohirrim are a biker gang.

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